Quicken Loans Mortgage Services was looking for a series of videos to announce their Pinnacle club. The club is for select mortgage partners and gives them access to exclusive perks.

The Director's Treatment

Before the project went into production, I made this deck to pitch my treatment to the business stakeholders. This document not only comes in handy for the pitch process but also in production when giving direction to the cinematographer, art department, wardrobe, and talent.






Director - Jon Bugg
Producer - Nellie Smydra
Creative Strategist: Sara Bielski
Writer: Barbra Collins
First AD - Michael Bryant
Director of Photography - Ray Rushing
Steadicam Op - Greg Johnson
1st AC - Lance Mokma
Audio - Mark Haygen
D.I.T. Clark Birchmier
Gaffer - Bryan Kimble

Set Designer - Michael Trosper
Asst. Set Designer Erik Donaldson
Wardrobe Stylist Kimberly Leitz
Key Hair/Makeup Nicole Smith
Production Asst. - Zach Baker
Editor - Jon Bugg

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lens Package: Cooke 5i