CTF Benefit IV - Opening Video

Every year, the Quicken Loans Media House is tasked with making the videos for the Children's Tumor Foundation Gala. The theme this year was nautical and fantastical so we worked hard to help bring every attendee into that world with our opening video.

D Show Shortlist Finalist
PSA/Political Video Category



This video was done using a combination of stop-motion, 2D, and 3D animation. All together it created a mixed media piece that ended up looking pretty cool! I was one of the 3 animators on this project. I also helped with the shooting of the stop-motion and keying out all of the traditional stop-motion scenes. I also spent some time rigging up 3D fish for the other animators to work with. I spent a lot of my time doing the tedious work, like figuring out swim cycles, looping sheets (waves) and figuring out a creative way to make bubbles. Overall this project was a huge learning experience and was super fun to create something in a medium that is uncommon.


Client: Children’s Tumor Foundation
Director: Tommy Herrmann
Producer: Andrew M Chaffkin
Director of Photography: Jon Mitchell
Art Director: Tommy Herrmann
Editorial: Nicholas Dean, Jon Bugg
Animation: Tommy Herrmann, Jon Bugg, Bill Sneed
Music and Sound Design: Ryan J Anderson

Prop Design

I also was in charge of some prop design for pivotal moments of the story. I designed the "Benefit" map and the book cover shown in the beginning.

Prints of the book cover and map. I watercolored the print of the map to give it the warm look. Both were designed in Illustrator & Photoshop.