3D Tests

In my current role, I’m always trying to find ways to grow, but also explore new ways to do work. Below you’ll find a few tests, specifically in the world of 3D animation, that could represent a future for our brand vision. If you don’t play in the space how can you know?

Switch Render

This first example is a switch render. Playing around with a tech reveal type of animation. Playing with glow, lens flares, and camera moves.

Character Pedestal

This next test is playing with one idea of how we could move into the 3D animated character space. Simplistic vignettes with minimalist characters. It started with some character modeling, then moved into building out a scene. From there the camera spins around the pedestal, which could create match cut transitions from scene to scene.

Floating UI

My next test, which has been done fairly recently, is playing around with how to display UX/UI in 3D scenes using the frosted glass look, made ever popular by Mircrosoft. I havent had the chance to add in the UI buttons and elements yet, and get it into motion. This is the beginning phase of general blocking and art direction.

GSG Material Play

As a Greyscale Gorilla+ user, when they dropped new rope, felt and cloth materials, I wanted to try a few fun ways to use them! These three examples are a smattering of different tutorials I followed to learn different techniques.

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